The snow has continued to fall where we are, and we have decided to close early. What do I need to do with my staff?

If you have to close your premises because of the effects of bad weather, like heavy snow or a flood, this might mean you can't provide your staff with work for a day or two, or maybe even longer. You may even choose not to open in order to proactively avoid disruption if it looks like travel in your area is going to be majorly impacted. If employees are able to work from home, their pay will be unaffected. If they can't, is there another branch of yours they can get to? If not, you could agree that they take annual leave or use up some time off in lieu they have banked. If you can't agree on those options, you may have to put the employee on lay-off. Check their contract of employment to see if it allows for unpaid lay off. If it does, then employees with at least one month's service will receive only statutory guarantee pay for a maximum of 5 days in a 13 week period. If it doesn't, then they will be entitled to full pay for any full days you can't provide them with work unless you can agree a period of unpaid lay off (with SGP if they qualify) at the time in question.

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