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There are currently three main routes to join the service as a police constable (PC). The route taken will depend on whether a candidate has a degree or not and what routes the recruiting force offers. Different forces will have specific eligibility requirements but in general candidates need to:

  • be over 18 years old and there is no upper age limit

  • be a British citizen, an EC/EEA national or a Commonwealth citizen or foreign national with no restrictions on stay in the UK

  • be in good health, including fitness and eyesight

  • have no criminal record (sometimes a force will consider a candidate with certain offences).

The current Government has committed to recruiting an additional 20,000 police officers in England and Wales by 31 March 2023. As at 31 March 2021 an increase of 9270 from the baseline and of this number:

  • 8771 had been recruited from funding for the Police Uplift programme

  • 499 additional officers had been recruited through other funding streams such as local council tax precepts.

Police Promotion Process Policy


This policy outlines the National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF) for officers seeking promotion to the rank of sergeant and inspector. The Police Promotion Regulations 1996 (as amended) are also complied with throughout the process. The NPFF is governed by the Police Promotions legislation and the College of Police guidance.

The National Police Promotion Framework is a four-step promotion process for police officers seeking promotion to the rank of sergeant or inspector as follows: