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It is essential that all persons working in the public sector are checked sufficiently before appointment to ensure that they are trustworthy, reliable and appropriately qualified for the jobs they are to do. Since April 2010 all NHS providers (including private providers) have been required to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC in turn requires that registered providers adhere to the NHS Employers Employment Checks Standards.

The Employment Checks Standards are also embedded in the Government Procurement Service (GPC) National Agency Framework Agreement and annual audit checks of agencies, to assure compliance with the standards is met in relation to contracted and subcontracted staff. They also form part of the information governance and assurance standards links to the use of the NHS Summary Care Records Service (NHS SCRS).

This topic covers all guidance for good recruitment and selection practice and procedures.

Safeguarding and VIP Visits Policy


There are occasions when a VIP might visit a service or premises run by this organisation. Such VIPs might include members of the Royal Family, dignitaries, politicians, representatives from national bodies, celebrities, sportspeople or others with some degree of fame. Such VIPs often play an important role in supporting the activities of organisations, or in promoting good health and local services. Many will be accompanied by news or media teams involved in reporting the visit or event.