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Induction is the process of ensuring that new recruits have the right skills, knowledge and information to do their job effectively. Induction is usually provided through a combination of training and provision of information. It should help people settle in and become productive as quickly as possible. (Follow the link for further generic information on Induction Training.)

  • Who Should Receive Induction?

  • What Should Induction Include?

  • Core Induction Programme

  • Job-Specific Induction

  • Departmental Induction

  • Induction Support

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Effective and Timely Induction Training Policy

The NHS organisation is committed to providing effective and timely induction training to all new staff, to welcome them to the organisation and enable them to work effectively.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all new to the organisation, of whatever grade, discipline or role, receive a comprehensive and structured induction that will enable them to provide a safe, efficient and effective service within their specialist area.