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Model documents and policies

Downloadable and customisable documents relating to dress code.

Dress code policy

Dress code policy

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This policy outlines the directions and requirements of the organisation with regards to dress, appearance and cleanliness. These rules will differ depending on the nature of the work, the culture within the workplace and the degree of contact with customers / clients / the public. It covers uniforms, personal protective equipment, hygiene and grooming. It also includes a formal dress code section for both a general work environment and for a care environment.

When downloading this policy to use, rules appropriate to the organisation can be selected.

Unless related to a regulatory requirement, such as PPE, there are no specific laws governing appropriate attire. As such, employers are free to choose what they deem to be reasonable, as long as what is required is  non-discriminatory. Therefore, clauses (again, except where there is reference to PPE or regulatory requirements) may be removed from this policy if not intended to be in place in the organisation.