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Government guidance has since changed since this presentation was first published, including the implementation of new lockdowns across the UK.

HR-inform has now updated and amended this information in line with expected plans for reopening businesses across Britain from March 2021 onwards. 

To aid internal management and training, HR-inform is providing downloadable training presentations that can be amended to suit your organisation's policies, practices and contractual entitlements. To enhance the training session, you may wish to include specific examples that relate to your sector or scenarios that have cropped up within your organisation.


COVID-19: Getting staff back into work

COVID-19: Getting staff back into work

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This training presentation is designed to aid your internal training and the content is intended to be amended to suit your organisation.

All slides and trainer notes are based on best practice guidance and are fully amendable to include internal practices, organisation policies and practical scenarios.

The session covers the following areas: steps taken to make the workplace COVID-secure, how staff will be asked to return to the office, continued use of the Job Retention Scheme and further action that may need to be taken by the company. 

COVID-19: Getting staff back into work