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Settlements and forecasts

Every month, the latest findings for pay trends, forecasts, settlements, and more, are collected and published.

Based on data collected across organisations, the settlements and forecasts document provides a tool to review salaries.

Settlements reveals the average increase that has been applied at each level over the previous quarter and year, according to collected data. Forecasts reveals the expert predictions as to what salary increase will be applied over the coming quarter and year, based on collected data.


August 2017: Settlements and forecasts

August 2017: Settlements and forecasts

Figures collected for August 2017 reveal the following:

The average settlement in the last 4 months, including pay freeze, is 2.2% – this has increased by 0.2% from last month.

The percentage of companies reporting a pay freeze has hit the record all-time-low figure, now standing at just 0.3%.

August 2017: Settlements and forecasts