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24 January 2022

With the removal of the legal requirement to work from home in Wales from 28 January 2022, and government advice in England no longer requiring working from home from 19 January 2022 (the advice to work from home remains in place in Scotland), many organisations will be making plans, yet again, to return their employees to the office. 

We set out our content below on returning to the office and offer advice and guidance on the best ways to support staff members making this transition. 

There are a number of areas that organisations will need to consider when reopening. This extends not only to social distancing and hygiene measures but also managing staff concerns and being mindful of their mental health.

Reopening the workplace guidance

Things to consider on the return to the office 

With a return to the office, it may be that those who could have continued working from home will now not be able to do so and will instead need to use sick leave. Where possible, alternative arrangements such as continuing to work from home should be considered, but if that is not possible the following information will help organisations to manage this. 


Staff mental health guidance