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Every Monday, HR-inform is publishing an article briefly outlining some of the biggest developments of the last week that organisations should be aware of.

New shielding rules

1.7 million more people have been added to the shielding list in England and are receiving a letter/email/text to confirm this. As a result, organisations will need to again assess if any staff told to shield can work from home. If they cannot, current government guidance across Britain is that they should not be attending work. Staff in this situation can be furloughed, subject to eligibility.  

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In addition, those who are currently shielding have been told to shield for longer and are receiving communication to confirm that. In response, we have added a new letter to our furlough toolkit - Letter to place shielding employee on furlough when business is not experiencing wider downturn 

Uber case ruling

The Supreme Court has ruled that Uber drivers are workers and not self-employed contractors, upholding the decision of all previous courts. This is the end of a case that has been ongoing since 2016 - it cannot be appealed further.

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Schools reopening in Scotland and Wales

Schools are open in Scotland and Wales from today (22 February) to certain year groups. The knock-on effect could be that employees are able to return to the workplace from being furloughed or working from home, however organisations across Britain are reminded that current guidance is staff should be working from home if they can.  

Relaxation of lockdown restrictions in England, Scotland and Wales

Schools reopening from today form part of Wales’ plans to start easing lockdown restrictions, which were announced last week. More details can be found here.

Scotland is expected to announce a roadmap for lifting lockdown this week, starting with a partial return of schools from today (22 February). For more information on what is currently known about Scotland’s plans, please click here.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to announce England’s roadmap out of lockdown later today, confirming when schools are to reopen. We will bring you information on this when announced.

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