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As the number of those infected with the coronavirus continues to increase, we have listed the varied support that HR-inform can offer subscribers in order to manage this issue in the workplace.

  • HR-inform maintains a detailed employment law section on managing coronavirus issues at work. This page, which is checked and updated daily, provides information on the symptoms of the virus steps that should be taken in response to business closure and some of the most prevalent questions that we have been receiving from subscribers.
  • HR-inform is also pleased to provide model letters and policies that subscribers can use in response to the outbreak, including a specific coronavirus recovery plan policy for download.
  • Our dedicated employment law section on SSP will keep subscribers up to date with all developments in this area, such as the expected emergency legislation.
  • The site’s detailed section on time off for dependants also guides subscribers in managing situations where employees need to take time away from work to deal with emergencies involving child care.
  • As the situation escalates, reservist employees may be called up to assist in army operations. Please refer to our 'how to' guide  and checklist on managing reservist employees for more information.
  • In a situation where a business needs to close as a result of the virus, subscribers can refer to our detailed lay-off and redundancy sections.   
  • Subscribers may also want staff to work from home temporarily. Our new 'how to' guide can guide them through this process, whilst they can also make use of our model homeworking agreement.

On Friday 20 March, the government announced its plans for financial assistance to help organisations retain employees for an extended period of time, despite offering no work, and avoid lay-offs. Organisations who do this will be able to obtain a grant from the Government to cover 80 per cent of furloughed employees’ wages, to a maximum of £2,500 per employee per month. It is called the Job Retention Scheme and more information can be found in our article. A model letter to distribute to employees informing them of this situation can be found here.

Although coronavirus remains a significant issue, it is important to remember that April is bringing a number of changes to employment law as part of the Good Work Plan, in particular the laws surrounding employment contracts, agency workers and holiday pay calculations. Statutory rates are also set to increase. The site maintains detailed sections that provide up-to-date commentary on appropriate procedures in these areas.