I know that the platinum jubilee, and Queen's funeral, were both marked with bank holidays. Is there one for the coronation?

The coronation of King Charles III will take place on Saturday 6 May 2023, Buckingham Palace has confirmed. Because it is a Saturday, the day itself will not be a Bank Holiday. However, an extra Bank Holiday has been confirmed for Monday 8 May 2023; two days after the event. This applies in England, Scotland and Wales.

In terms of giving time off to employees, the day is to be treated by employers in the same way as other extra bank holidays. This means that it is necessary to look at the employee's contract of employment to determine whether they have a contractual right to have the day off, as there is no legal right to have a public/bank holiday off work. Most contracts are written in the context of the standard number of public/bank holidays in a year (8 in England/Wales and 9 in Scotland) but exact wording, and therefore exact entitlements, can differ from contract to contract. If a contract in England says employees are entitled to time off on "8 public/bank holidays" per year and lists those days, there is no automatic entitlement to time off on the extra Bank Holiday. If the contract says employees are entitled to paid leave on "all public/bank holidays" in a leave year, they will have a contractual entitlement to the extra day. Even where contracts do not entitle employees to the day off, you may choose to offer it as a paid day of leave anyway. If you are not closing on Monday 8 May, you can ask employees who want the day off to make a request in line with the normal annual leave procedure.

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