CIPD HR-Inform testimonial - Jennett's HR Solutions

02 Nov 2022 |

Kate Jennett, Director at Jennett's HR Solutions gives a glowing review of the CIPD HR Inform platform and advice service. Watch this video if you are considering purchasing the CIPD HR-Inform service. If you need more information simply speak to an advisor or book a demo today.

Having that support there, just like I said, as a sounding board, sometimes just for reassurance that what I am advising is correct, because it's impossible to prepare for any given situation. And knowing that support is there as and when I need it has definitely been really helpful. No two days ever the same, which I'm sure anybody working in HR will tell you. I've got a vast array of clients now, ranging from some that only have a couple of employees all the way up to 200 plus employees. The inquiries that I get are very varied and some clients are just looking for that support, advice on an ad hoc basis. Others like me to be the additional arm to the business and actors, the HR function in its entirety. I've had to navigate a few difficult settlement agreements, and there's been times when I've needed to access commercial solicitors which the platform provides. So it's cases like that I find really helpful. I want to be confident in myself that what I'm offering and advise in is correct. And whilst I've got the knowledge qualification, the experience in doing so, sometimes it is just that reassurance having that some sounding board, somebody to run things past, even if the answer yourself. I do like to just ring and just say, this is what I think. Is that correct? And nine times out of ten, the answer's Yes. But again, that's just given me the confidence that actually next time I wouldn't need to phone and use the platform for that. But it's there if I do need that reassurance. Sergio and by far has been absolutely amazing. And to be honest, when I call through to the advice line and he answers, it's now, oh, is that how Sergio and we've got that relationship now and it's great to have that connection with somebody that obviously works in the same field. Professional, very knowledgeable. And I think finding that somebody that actually genuinely cares about me, the consequences, my clients as well. I found that really special. Whilst personally I know I've got the experience and knowledge to deal with such situation and there's always going to be times that there's something that I haven't dealt with or something slightly out of the norm. And, and just having the platform there where you can do the research yourself and then implement it in your own way and create policies, but with the guidance and support of the different training materials available on the platform. He's been really helpful, 100% trust the platform. And I think having that relationship is almost an extra arm to my business.