CIPD HR-Inform testimonial - Bernadette

02 Nov 2022 |

HR and Office Manager, Bernadette from Premier Vet Alliance gives a glowing review of the CIPD HR Inform platform and advice service. Watch this video if you are considering purchasing the CIPD HR-Inform service. If you need more information, simply speak to an advisor or book a demo today.

It's always nice to have something that I can just go to and don't have to go and Google to research and pay for individual services. It just everything is on there and which I love. So I can't recommend the service enough. Premier alliance is a company that provides preventative health care plans for our vet practices and our customers. I am the HR and office manager and I've worked in this field for six years now. I'm responsible for many things, as you can imagine, but mainly my day to day role includes contract documentation, onboarding of new starters, making sure that the checks and everything are completed prior to them starting in the company. I work as a standalone HR. So there is some anything that can pop up that sometimes I may not have on file. So, you know, it can be difficult. The ease of the platform, definitely everything is on there. Anything you can think of is on there. And I can name it from the top of my head. I love the webinars and, you know, the home page. It has it has like daily updates as well. So there there will have things on there that you wouldn't normally search for. So a lot of case studies as well. I'm not studying at the moment, but it's always nice to see that, you know, there's new employment case studies that I can look at and see how I can approach that and, you know, prevent it from happening in the workplace. So I really do like the platform that way. Also templates, you know, workflows and stuff like for example, disciplinary is I know that they have I really like their flowchart, so then I know that what I'm doing is correct. So having a service like HR and form has assisted with that.