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The Disciplinary Framework for Doctors and Dentists

This topic includes the following:

  • The Principles of the Disciplinary Framework

  • Action When a Concern Arises

  • Restriction of Practice and Exclusion From Work

  • Conduct Hearings and Disciplinary Procedures

  • Allegations of Criminal Acts

  • Agreeing Terms for Settlement on Termination of Employment

  • Procedures for Dealing with Issues of Capability

  • Handling Concerns About a Practitioner's Health

  • Respective Roles of the Employer, the GMC, the NCAS and the BMA.

Doctors' and dentists' performance must be managed, just like any other member of staff. Where a doctor's or a dentist's performance, conduct or capability is unsatisfactory or places patients or colleagues at risk, then he or she should be subject to a disciplinary procedure.

The Disciplinary Framework for Doctors and Dentists: Quick Facts