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The 2003 Consultant Contract

This topic explains the background to the contract, the new consultant contract and how it divides the consultant working week into 10 programmed activities and how those programmes activities are allocated and how the 2003 contract has provided extra annual leave for consultants.

The 2003 Consultant Contract: Quick Facts
  • Consultants will be expected to undertake 10 programmed activities per week. The New Consultant Working Week

  • Consultants will be eligible for supplements based on the kind of work that they are asked to carry out whilst on call. Recognition for Emergency Work Arising from On-call Duties

  • The new contract is designed to provide an average increase in consultants’ career earnings of 15% over time. Pay

  • Consultants are expected under the new job planning to include an annual set of personal objectives which are aligned to local service objectives. Job Planning

  • If a consultant requests to work part time so that they can carry out private practice they should not normally be offered more than six NHS programmed activities. Part-time and Flexible Working

  • Consultants will normally be eligible for higher national Clinical Excellence Awards after having achieved a minimum of four local awards. Clinical Excellence Awards