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Statutory Training in the NHS

This topic explains what statutory training is, how often staff should be required to attend refresher or update training and the various types of statutory induction training.

Statutory Training in the NHS: Quick Facts
  • Employers are legally obliged to provide suitable and sufficient health and safety training. What is Statutory Training?

  • Staff should receive statutory training on induction and then be required to attend refresher or update training at intervals set by the organisation and specified in its training policy. How Often Should People Do Statutory Training?

  • The purpose of induction should be to introduce all new staff to the contents of their jobs and to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to perform them competently and safely. Statutory Induction Training

  • All staff should be given adequate training and information on the manual handling risks relevant to their work area and how to avoid them. Manual Handling Training

  • NHS managers have a statutory duty to provide or arrange adequate levels of fire training for staff in their organisation. Fire Safety Training

  • All doctors, nurses and associated healthcare professionals should be trained in Basic Life Support (BLS) and as a minimum they should all be able to provide effective BLS with an airway adjunct such as a pocket mask. Resuscitation Training

  • By law all caterers, cooks and food handlers in an organisation must receive adequate supervision, instruction and training in food hygiene. Food Hygiene Training

  • In addition to Fire Training, Manual Handling Training, Resuscitation Training and Food Hygiene Training, NHS organisations should also support any health and safety related training which is considered essential for safety reasons. Other Statutory Training

  • NHS managers should always keep records of the staff who have attended health and safety training, including dates. Organising and Delivering Statutory Training

  • It is common practice that statutory training and training required to maintain professional registration for health care organisations to develop new roles and services should be supported as a priority by granting as much study leave as is considered reasonable. Study Leave

  • All NHS organisations should comply with legal requirements to provide training in health and safety. Legal Compliance