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Induction Training in the NHS

Induction is the process of ensuring that new recruits have the right skills, knowledge and information to do their job effectively. Induction is usually provided through a combination of training and provision of information. It should help people settle in and become productive as quickly as possible. (Follow the link for further generic information on Induction Training.)

  • Who Should Receive Induction?

  • What Should Induction Include?

  • Core Induction Programme

  • Job-Specific Induction

  • Departmental Induction

  • Induction Support

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Induction Training in the NHS: Quick Facts
  • The purpose of induction training is to provide new recruits with the information, skills and knowledge they need to do their job safely and effectively. It should also help them to settle in to the organisation quickly. Who Should Receive Induction?

  • Induction should be provided to all new recruits, including volunteers and temporary, bank and locum staff. Who Should Receive Induction?

  • The extent of induction training will differ according the role and the length of time the new recruit will be with the organisation. What Should Induction Include?

  • Induction should include training and information on core statutory and corporate issues, job-specific requirements and departmental arrangements. What Should Induction Include?

  • All new recruits must receive training on mandatory subjects and organisation-wide policies and procedures. Core Induction Programme

  • Job-specific induction should ensure new recruits understand the tasks and procedures and have the competencies required for a particular job. Job-specific Induction

  • Departmental induction should orientate the new recruit with the department, its people and procedures. Departmental Induction

  • New recruits often benefit from support from a buddy, mentor and/or clinical supervisor during their first few months. Induction Support

  • Induction programmes should be quality assured and monitored on a regular basis to ensure they are effective. Monitoring and Evaluation