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Forthcoming legislation

Employment law dates at a glance

Forthcoming changes


This table shows forthcoming changes. See the forthcoming legislation in-depth page for more information on these new statutes and amendments.


1 October 2022

A permanent system of digital right to work checks will replace temporary covid measures.

Foreign nationals: Recruitment and Selection

5 April 2023

End of the request to include the following message on all payslips "1.25% uplift in NICs funds NHS, health & social care." 

Itemised pay statement

To be confirmed

A duty requiring employers to prevent sexual harassment will be introduced, including explicit protections from third-party harassment. The time limit for bringing related claims will be looked at and possibly extended to 6 months.  

Harassment and bullying

To be confirmed

New law prohibiting confidentiality clauses in contracts or settlement agreements from preventing disclosures to the police, regulated health and care or legal professionals to be introduced

To be confirmed

New law requiring confidentiality clauses to set out their limitations to be introduced

To be confirmed

Laws on criminal record disclosures to be amended, reducing the disclosure period for sentences lasting four years or less

To be confirmed

Redundancy protection for new parents to be extended

To be confirmed

New law introducing right for all workers to request a more predictable and stable contract after 26 weeks' service to be introduced, and requiring compensation for shifts cancelled at short notice.

Zero hours workers

To be confirmed

New law to increase break in continuous employment from one week to four weeks to be introduced.

Continuity of service

To be confirmed

New legislation to clarify employment status tests to be introduced.

Employment Status

To be confirmed

Expected to come into force by April 2022, stronger enforcement powers for certification officers for trade unions to be introduced, as well as wider proactive investigatory powers.

To be confirmed

New law introducing tribunal sanctions where organisations commit repeated breaches to be introduced

To be confirmed 

A new righto Carer's leave will be introduced as soon as parliamentary time allows 

To be confirmed

Exclusivity clauses to be extended to employees on contracts that guarantee hours earning them less than the lower earnings limit. 


Recent developments

This table shows changes that have recently taken place:

15 May 2022

Final date for implementation of voluntary living wage increase
 6 April 2022 

The lower earnings limit will increase for the first time in two years, to £123

 6 April 2022

HMRC has asked that payslips include a message to say "1.25% uplift in NICs funds NHS, health & social care." This is in place until 5 April 2023.

Itemised pay statement

Letter to all employees regarding the increase

 6 April 2022

The following rates will increase: 

SSP rate 

Compensation limits, statutory guarantee pay and weekly redundancy payments 

National insurance contributions will increase by 1.25%

 6 April 2022

The ability to manually check the status of those with a biometric residence card or permit, or frontier work permit, was removed. Now, only online checks are possible. In order to complete these checks, employers need the individual's date of birth and right to work share code. 

Foreign nationals: Recruitment and Selection

 3 April 2022

Family friendly payment rates will increase, including SMP, SAP, ShPP, SPP and SPBP

 1 April 2022

National minimum wage rates increases 

Letter advising of pay increase

 28 March 2022

 The legal requirement to self-isolate in Wales due to covid was revoked.

 24 March 2022

The COVID-19 provisions within the Statutory Sick Pay and Employment and Support Allowance regulations will be removed. 

This includes SSP payments for those isolating (unless too unwell to work), and the payment of SSP from day 1. 

All claims under the SSP rebate scheme for covid-related sickness must be submitted, and all amendments to claims made before this date

Sick leave and pay

17 March 2022

The SSP rebate scheme for covid-related sickness closed
15 March 2022

Laws requiring mandatory vaccination for those working in care homes and within health and social care were revoked

24 February 2022 

Covid updates - England only

  • Legal restrictions relating to Covid, including the requirement to self-isolate, were removed. 
  • Routine contact tracing ended
  • Self isolation payments for those on low income were stopped. 
January 2022

The claims portal for SSP rebate payments opened 

31 December 2021

All claims relating to SSP payments before 1 October 2021 had to have been made by this date under the SSP rebate scheme. 

31 December 2021

Wales and Northern Ireland aligned with England to reduce the self-isolation period for Covid positive individuals from 10 days to 7, subject to two negative lateral flow tests 

24 December 2021

The deadline for care home workers and volunteers to provide temporary self-certification of vaccination exemption. 

21 December 2021

The SSP rebate scheme, previously closed at the end of September 2021, was reopened for absences on or after this date. Employees who were previously claimed for under the old scheme can again be claimed for under the reopened scheme. 

11 November 2021

All workers over 18 (unless medically exempt) employed to work in care homes in England, registered by the CQC, providing personal or nursing care, must be double vaccinated. This includes those others coming into the home to provide services.

09 November 2021

The final stage of Harpur trust v Brazel heard by the supreme court, who must now decide on the calculation for 0 hours part year permanent workers

5 October 2021

The EHRC restarted enforcement of the publication of gender pay gaps for public and private companies in 2021

1 October 2021

The NHS Covid Pass was launched, that can be used by care home workers / volunteers to apply for and evidence their exemption to the Covid vaccine requirement. All staff that have provided a self-certification of exemption must confirm their exemption status via the Pass by 24 December 2021. 

30 September 2021

Modern slavery statements deadline for businesses whose financial year ended in April.

30 September 2021

The Covid SSP rebate scheme came to an end. From this date, absences need to be paid in full by the employer, as they will no longer be able to claim them back from the government. 

30 September 2021

The Job Retention Scheme finished. 

15 September 2021 

Covid-restrictions update 

Shielding has officially ended, with decisions regarding the care of most vulnerable people to be made by specialists caring for individuals. Originally paused 1 April 2021, the government has confirmed the official end to centralised guidance for the most vulnerable groups. 

26 August 2021

The ability to perform right to work checks remotely, instead of having to see in person original documents, was extended to 5 April 2022.

16 August 2021

Covid-restrictions update 

Those who have received both vaccinations, and under 18s, no longer have to isolate following close contact with a positive Covid case, but are advised to get a PCR test as soon as possible

21 July 2021

The government response to consultation on sexual harassment in the workplace was published

30 June 2021

EU Settlement Scheme closes to applicants. New right to work checks have been introduced

21 June 2021

Covid-restrictions relaxation date - England 

All remaining restrictions lifted. Nightclubs can reopen

Early June 2021

Covid-restrictions relaxation date - Scotland

Minimal restrictions, but some may still be necessary going forward.

31 May 2021

The right not to be subjected to a detriment as a result of health and safety claims is extended to workers.

End of May 2021

Covid-restrictions relaxation date - Wales

The aim if for indoor hospitality and remaining visitor accommodation in advance of Spring Bang Holiday.

17 May 2021

Covid-restrictions relaxation date - Wales

Indoor children’s indoor activities will resume and community centres will reopen while organised indoor activities for adults will be allowed, limited to a maximum of 15 people. This includes exercise classes

17 May 2021

Covid-restrictions relaxation date - Scotland

Indoor hospitality can return with greater normality. Cinemas, amusement arcades and bingo halls will reopen

3 May 2021

Covid-restrictions relaxation date - Wales

Gyms, leisure centres and fitness facilities can reopen

30 April 2021

The Job Retention Scheme was due to close and has now been extended until the end of September. 

30 April 2021

Termination payments for staff previously furloughed must be based on normal pay, rather than furlough pay.

26 April 2021

Covid-restrictions relaxation date - Wales

Outdoor hospitality can reopen.

26 April 2021

Covid-restrictions relaxation date - Scotland

Hospitality can reopen for outdoor service, in groups of up to six from three households - until 10pm. All remaining non-essential retail reopens

12 April 2021

Covid-restrictions relaxation date - England 

Hairdressers, nail salons, non-essential retail, gyms, libraries and holiday lets could re-open in England. Pubs and restaurants can open for outdoor service with no curfew or food restrictions (with rule of six)

6 April 2021

Vento bands updated following presidential guidance of the Employment Tribunals

6 April 2021

IR35 update: large and medium sized organisations in the private sector who engage contractors through intermediary companies became responsible for assessing the employment status of those contractors.

6 April 2021

New minimum wage and weekly redundancy pay rates came into force. 

6 April 2021

Changes to taxation of termination payments

4 April 2021

New family leave rates came into force

1 April 2021

New NMW and NLW rates were introduced

1 April 2021

Employers must now keep NMW records for 6, rather than 3, years.

30 March / 4 April 2021

Deadline for Gender Pay Gap reporting for the previous year

31 March 2021

Employees in receipt of furlough pay to have statutory payments based on normal pay.

1 January 2021

New immigration scheme came into force for all applicants regardless of nationality

31 December 2020

The Court of Appeal is able move away from retained EU case law

14 December 2020

Period of self-isolation reduced to 10 days.

1 December 2020

Early conciliation extended to 6 weeks

1 December 2020

Notice pay cannot be claimed under the CJRS for claim periods starting from today

31 October 2020

The Job Retention Scheme was due to close, however it was extended - new applicants could now be furloughed and 80% of their wages claimed.  

28 September 2020

Employers allowing workers who have texted positive for Covid-19 can be fined.

1 September 2020

Employers started funding 10% of the 80% wage payable to furloughed staff

1 August 2020

Employers started funding national insurance and pension contributions for furloughed workers

1 July 2020

Part-time furlough was introduced 

30 June 2020

The original Job Retention Scheme closed to new applicants 

29 May 2020

The Job Retention Scheme was extended to the end of October

26 May 2020

The Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme launched

30 April 2020

Deadline for agency workers on Swedish derogation agency contracts to be provided with an explanatory statement

17 April 2020

New law extending the provision of statutory sick pay to individuals who are 'shielding' from coronavirus 

6 April 2020

Parental Bereavement Leave was introduced

6 April 2020

New law requiring employment businesses to provide all agency workers with a Key Information Document takes effect

6 April 2020

New law extending the holiday pay reference period to 52 weeks takes effect

6 April 2020

Amendments to mandatory information required within a statement of main terms and conditions came into force

6 April 2020

New day-one right to a written statement of main terms and conditions for workers and employees came into force

6 April 2020

New law lowering the threshold required for information and consultation requests took effect

6 April 2020

New law prohibiting use of Swedish derogation agency contracts takes effect

6 April 2020

Increase to statutory sick pay (SSP) rate

6 April 2020

Increase to tribunal compensation rates

6 April 2020

The threshold for the right to request information and consultation arrangements was reduced to 2% of employees, subject to a minimum of 15 employees.

6 April 2020

Employer NICs on termination payments over £30,000 to be paid

5 April 2020

Increase to statutory maternity pay, paternity pay, adoption pay and shared parental pay