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Family Friendly Rights Issues in Local Government

This topic covers all the issues relating to family friendly rights in local government. It includes maternity, paternity, parental leave, shared parental leave, adoption rights and family, childcare and health benefits. It outlines the rights, leave and pay for these issues, and gives the levels of compensation payable should an employee be killed or disabled in the course of their employment.

Family Friendly Rights Issues in Local Government: Quick Facts
  • Local government employees are entitled to enhanced maternity pay (above the statutory minimum) once they have completed one year’s service. Eligibility and Qualifying Conditions

  • There are clear requirements on both the employer and the employee to notify the start and finish dates of the maternity leave, and provided these are followed the employee has a right to return to a no less favourable job. Confirming the Date of Return from Maternity Leave

  • The national agreement on pay and conditions recommends that employers adopt the NJC recommended model parental leave scheme.

  • There is a maternity support leave scheme for local government employees, which allows father, partner or nominated carer to take up to five days’ paid leave. This also covers paternity leave. Maternity Support Leave

  • The National Agreement on Pay and Conditions of Service for local government employees sets out the payments to be made to employees who are permanently disabled or killed in the course of their work. Local Authority Payments to Employees in the Event of Death or Permanent Disablement Arising from Employment