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Contracts of Employment for Local Government

This topic sets out legal requirements which affect the contracts of employment of local government employees and workers. It also gives details of the national collective agreements which are used by most local authority employers to determine the principal terms and conditions of their employees’ contracts.

Contracts of Employment for Local Government: Quick Facts
  • There are a number of legal requirements and restrictions affecting the contractual terms and conditions of employment which can be applied to local authority employees and workers. Contract Terms for Local Authority Staff — General

  • Local authorities need to follow specific procedures to determine the terms and conditions offered to senior employees and lowest paid employees. Specific Procedures to Determine the Terms and Conditions Offered to Senior Employees and the Lowest Paid Employees

  • Local authorities need to include in certain employees’ contracts of terms and conditions restricting political activities. Politically-restricted Posts in Local Authorities

  • Local authorities are required to apply correctly the rules on whether to engage workers on standard contracts of employment or on alternative arrangements such as contracts for services.

  • Most (but not all) local authorities subscribe to national employer/trade union negotiating machinery (such as the National Joint Council for Local Government Services) and use the national collective agreements determined through that machinery to form the main contractual terms and conditions of their employees. Usage of National Agreements

  • Local authorities may also negotiate local collective agreements with trade union/employee representatives within their organisation in order to agree either variations to the national collective agreements or terms and conditions issues which are not covered in the national agreements.

  • Local authorities have discretionary powers over the terms they apply to their employees in cases of redundancy and early retirement. Care is needed to ensure that these are properly reflected in employees’ contracts. Discretions in Legislation and Local Authority Contracts